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John Collins – Time E.P. – FRECHE007

John Collins - Time E.P. - FRECHE007
Freche Früchte Recordings presents another batch of underground house tracks designed to destroy dancefloors!


Next up on the label we have producer and dedicated house head from Ireland JOHN COLLINS presenting an ep of effortlessly classic sounding house music!

'Time' is a soulful cut full of character that glides along with a classic deep house vibe!

'Beat On The Drum' takes things even deeper with the addition of a well known vocal taking the track to the next level!

'1992' is a track very much influenced by the year in its title, pure feel good house sounds!

'De-luxe' has shades of Eric Kupper K-Scope era and again pushes the house sound!

The EP is released on 30th July 2012, if you like what you hear the please show your support through comments, chartings, and big ups!!

Thanks & much love xxx


Cancelore – Deep Dawn e.p. feat Carlo Gambino & Alex Alterskye – FRECHE006

Cancelore - Deep Dawn e.p. - FRECHE006
Next up on the label we have producer, DJ, crate digger and dedicated house head CANCELORE presenting 3 slices of jackin house, along with an ultra deep remix by CARLO GAMBINO (Midnight Social Recordings), and Freche Früchte label boss ALEX ALTERSKYE finishes off the package with a solid house workout!

'Deep Dawn (original mix)' is a soulful and deep cut full of emotion, but with enough punch to get any floor moving.

'Deep dawn (Gambino's Midnight social dub)' takes the original and ramps up the deepness levels ten fold, perfect for those early 5am moments in the club.

'Deep dawn (Alex Alterskye remix)' takes the track down a straight up no nonsense house route with rattling percussion, bassline and creative use of vocals.

'Sol d'ior (original mix)' is a real chugger of a house track with old school sounds synths and filter work a plenty.

'Heart & Soul (original mix)' last up we have a cheeky nod to upfront jackin' disco house, this will cause damage to the dance floor (in a good way), trust us!!!!!!

The EP is released on 11th June 2012.

Thanks & much love xxx

Alex Agore – Pull Me Up e.p. – FRECHE005

Alex Agore - Pull Me Up e.p. - FRECHE005
Next up on Freche Früchte Recordings is some amazing house music from Alex Agore!!

Alex is making some serious waves in house music circles having released on No Matter What, 4Lux, Kolour, Illusion recordings, and a release forthcoming on Swink Music his productions are drenched with housey beats, catchy riffs and deep grooves.

The lead track on the ep is "Pull Me Up" - it has a really classic house sound full of groove and funk with a relentless old school groove that is timeless and will appeal to proper house heads everywhere!

"I Did You Wrong" is a ridiculously housey track with an early 90s vibe, that is guaranteed to get house floors moving!

The final cut on the ep is "She Left Me" a piece of feel good house music even though the message behind the vocal is about a break up, it's still a real groover!!

Check out the preview of the release below:

Alex Agore – Pull Me Up e.p. - FRECHE005
Freche Früchte Recordings
Released - 14th May 2012

Latest DJ Support for – And That’s Why – Lou Start – FRECHE002

Lou Start - And That's Why - ff002
Lou Start's upcoming ep "And That's Why" has already received some great feedback from some top DJs and producers, check out some of their comments below:

Huxley - i love every track on this release. lou start is a bad boy!!

Motorcitysoul - for real, some sneaky fruits to be found here... my favourite by far is "you know you". very elegant!

Kate Simko - And That's Why has a nice dark deep vibe

Alex Arnout (Hot Creations) - And That's Why is a great slab of deep house.

Brothers' Vibe - Good release man...

Luna City Express - and thats why for me - nice ep*** will play it" thanks;-)

Ekkohaus (2020 vision, morris audio, cargo edition, liebe detail) - You know you is really good.....thanx..Ekko

Miss Jools (Mobilee) - feeling - 'and thats whys' deepness

Raresh/Arpiar (Moon Harbour)- you know you . peak time track . thanks

Lauhaus (Polder / Intacto) - digging the groove on "you know you"

Ricardo Miranda/Rush Hour - Don't burn yourself on And Thats Why because its a nice slow burner. All three are movers.

Phonogenic (Cocoon/20:20 Vision) - it's not gonna get any more 90s than this. watch my hand bag please.

and many more.......

Release Date: 13/02/2012

Alex Alterskye – What You Got (feat. Tom Demac Remix) – OUT 16/01/2012

After all his hard work in setting up Freche Früchte Recordings, Alex Alterskye's EP - What You Got, hit the stores on Monday 16/01/2012.

The release kicks off with the original version of EP title track 'What You Got', a bumping slice of organic sounding house that draws on live bass, old school stabs and tightly edited vocals to create a superb heads down groove.

Next up we have one of the year's most hotly tipped producers at the controls, Tom Demac, who takes time out from his recording commitments for the likes of Hypercolour, Murmur & Liebe*Detail to rework 'What You Got'. His mix takes up the original parts and remolds them into a disco tinged house workout with a wonderful broken beat breakdown.

The penultimate cut is the excellent 'Static', a deep house offering with warm keys and subtle vocal elements that leave you wanting more as it draws to an end. And finally, we have 'Full Mood' a cut that journeys into jazz infused house delivering a perfect ending to a superb EP.

The EP has already received support from the likes of 6th Borough Project, Mic Newman, Laura Jones, Osunlade, Gorge, Rodriguez Jr, Pol_On, Trickski, Jef K, Sasha, Chris Duckenfield, DJ T, Brothers’ Vibe, Waifs & Strays and many more…

DJ Mag said "If this is the first release from Yorkshire's Freche Fruchte Recordings, god only knows what's in the pipeline. This from Alex Alterskye is better than it has any right to be."

This is the first step in The mission of Freche Fruchte Recordings….…to bring you fresh, raw underground house music!!!!

Let the journey begin.....

Meet the Residents – Alex Alterskye

From an early age Alex has had a huge interest in electronic music from the jacking sounds of Chicago through to Germanic tech house.

Alex's musical style has been heavily influenced by the burgeoning underground house scene in York, Leeds, and Hull (U.K.) over the last few years.

Alex has been producing his own original productions for the last couple of years with releases on Shufflemood and Selektor Music, and more recently on TUG underground records, Physical Gravity records,  Radioactiva records, Intuito Records and Triskel-Tech recordings. He doesn't like to pigeonhole his sound - it's just house music that he likes to keep tracky, groovy and accessible but with a major underground edge.

Medani - Elaborationes (Alex Alterskye salida del sol remix) Triskel-Tech Recordings by alexalterskye

You can learn more about Alex here

Welcome to Freche Früchte

Freche Früchte is a collective of DJs and Producers of Underground House Music.

We currently hold regular monthly events in Hull and York in the United Kingdom featuring special guest DJs alongside our resident DJs.

The team is comprised of Alex Alterskye, Nick Minardi, Matti Kiviniemi (SysteMattiK) and Paul Moore (Deepnlow)

The members of Freche Früchte have released their own productions individually and also plan to release material collectively in the near future and are currently in the process of setting up their own record label.

We also run our own podcast series which features mixes by special guest DJs as well as featuring mixes by our DJs.