Samuel luv

Sam.Uel Samuel/hesitate discovered his love for music when he was a small child. At an early age he started playing violin 
and listening to classical music. At the age of 14 he started making his own music ... first only on the soundmaker on the console Playstation 1.

A couple of years later Samuel discovered electronic music. A friend of his took him to a club in Basel and since then his life changed. There he started getting into house and electro, but after 6 Months he met a friend who was already playing vinyl and producing in Switzerland , so he explained to him the Classic Story 
of "Hi Tech Soul" ... A little while after that Samuel did his first remix and that was released with the German producer Danasa (sueno du una noche).

He also has an ep forthcoming on Freche Fruchte recordings showcasing his housier side!!