Leigh D Oliver

Leigh D Oliver Freche Früchte Recordings present:

Leigh D Oliver, the latest talented producer to join the label.



Born in 1980, Leigh’s early musical influences were varied; brought up on discarded 7”’s from the local pub juke box he was then introduced to Hip Hop, Rave, Heavy Metal and Indie by his elder cousins.

After playing guitar in bands throughout his teens, it wasn’t until the late nineties that he experienced his first taste of ‘proper’ house music at Back To Basics in Leeds. This inspired Leigh to expand his repertoire by purchasing a pair of decks, accumulating an extensive vinyl collection and cobbling together a crude studio setup.

Today, Leigh fortunately has a much improved setup, is still an avid record collector and his productions continue to be inspired by the underground clubs and parties up North where ‘proper’ house music reigns supreme.