Ihands temporary LP is a Dj/Producer born in Lisbon, Portugal. He previously released tracks under the alias of I.hands, and he released his e.p. 'It's Not About Me" on Freche Fruchte Recordings in the spring of 2012.

As a kid music had always been a part of his life. Firstly making music was just a hobby to fill the gaps between working hours, but this hobby soon became a passion and then an addiction.

After long days and nights trying to do something listenable, good critics and encouraging words from other producers and people that appreciate music made this aspiring musician think about the possibility of showing the public some of his work. Originality is the mark of this man.

As a person he was influenced by all genres of music, from the classics of the 80s to the latest electronic sounds. The jazzy melodies and old school RAP are the most relevant bases for the production of his latest sounds.

The objective of all of his tracks is to build moments of unique ambience, vibe and flow for the listener.