Graham Pitt

Graham Pitt joins Freche Fruchte as the main resident on our deep house radio show on you can catch this every Wednesday 6 - 7pm UK 7 - 8pm CET.

Graham began DJ'ing (of sorts) in the late 80's spurned on by the acid house music scene he was enjoying (a little too much) at the time. It wasn't until a move to Nottingham in the early 90's where he took his DJ'ing 'a little' more seriously, teaming up with his brother to be the Thursday and Friday night residents at the then famous Jaycee's Bar which was the pre-club place to be.

Also DJ'ing at clubs like Deluxe and Essence whilst also promoting his own night called 'True People' at Dubble Bubble which was a Detroit influenced night. Unfortunately this night came to an abrupt end when he and his fellow promoters/DJ's were asked to leave for drinking the bar dry once to often. Now settled with a family (or less politely getting old) DJ'ing has gone back to the bedroom roots with mixes made for his GP's Deep House website: