Cancelore Jens Wolf, better known as CANCELORE, was born in 1981 near by Chemnitz.

Already at young age, he started listening to his father's music collection, which was embossed by Jazz and Bossa Nova or got influenced by his mother's love for Harry Belafonte. This laid the foundation for his deep sense of music, which you can hear down to the present day.

But also Techno, Hip-Hop and Punk'n'Roll played a big role within his musical development. The year 1995 was a turning point in his life where he mainly focused on techno and house music and started off producing. Dj-ing followed shortly after that and contributed to improve his skills and knowledge of quality music. Nowadays you can still find this slight breeze of jazz but also the roots of house music in his music style.

To sum it up: Its a bumpin' enjoyment just for your pleasure!

Currently he is working with Ireland based DJ and Producer Stephen Austin as WonderKane which reflects his deeper side of house music.

You can also catch him at his weekly show at for a 1hr dj-set packed with the latest and almost forgotten gems in house music.

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