Alex Alterskye

alextestpic From an early age Alex has had a huge interest in electronic music from the jacking sounds of Chicago through to Germanic tech house.

Alex's musical style has been heavily influenced by the burgeoning underground house scene in York, Leeds, and Hull (U.K.) over the last few years.

Alex has been producing his own original productions for the last couple of years with releases on Shufflemood and Selektor Music, and more recently on TUG underground records and Radioactiva records. He doesn't like to pigeonhole his sound - it's just house music that he likes to keep tracky, groovy and accessible but with a major underground edge.

He has been a DJ for over 10 years and has also been awarded the runner up position in "International DJ" magazines raw talent DJ competition. Alex is resident DJ at a tech-house night "Freche Früchte" in Hull & York (U.K.) and has played at loads of nights including Koala, Mediawhore, Random, Widescreen, Region 2, Back to the Future, SYLD, and Retox.

When Alex is producing his tracks and DJing he works on the principle that people want to go out and dance, but they want to have their musical boundaries expanded with forward thinking underground tracks that really get the floor moving.

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