We are Freche Fruchte Part 2 – Preview

Freche Fruchte Allstars - We Are Freche Fruchte- Part 2 The second part of our 1st anniversary compilation is out 11/03/2013 - support is already rolling in from Slam, DJ Caspa, Carlo Gambino, Gareth Whitehead and Lost My Dog records!!

The mission of Freche Fruchte recordings...to bring you fresh, raw underground house music!!!!

1. Deepnlow – Feel it, believe it
2. M-Tracks – Late Night
3. Max Conte & Street Knowledge – Material trip
4. Melloccino - Rollwiththepunches
5. John Collins – You give me love
6. Michael Scott – JAM!
7. Ciara Cunnane – True Luv
8. Cancelore - Waxalicious
9. Emelya – Feel so good
10. Ozzi – Can’t keep on

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