Alex Agore – Pull Me Up e.p. – FRECHE005

Alex Agore - Pull Me Up e.p. - FRECHE005 Next up on Freche Früchte Recordings is some amazing house music from Alex Agore!!

Alex is making some serious waves in house music circles having released on No Matter What, 4Lux, Kolour, Illusion recordings, and a release forthcoming on Swink Music his productions are drenched with housey beats, catchy riffs and deep grooves.

The lead track on the ep is "Pull Me Up" - it has a really classic house sound full of groove and funk with a relentless old school groove that is timeless and will appeal to proper house heads everywhere!

"I Did You Wrong" is a ridiculously housey track with an early 90s vibe, that is guaranteed to get house floors moving!

The final cut on the ep is "She Left Me" a piece of feel good house music even though the message behind the vocal is about a break up, it's still a real groover!!

Check out the preview of the release below:

Alex Agore – Pull Me Up e.p. - FRECHE005
Freche Früchte Recordings
Released - 14th May 2012

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