Latest DJ Support for – And That’s Why – Lou Start – FRECHE002

Lou Start - And That's Why - ff002 Lou Start's upcoming ep "And That's Why" has already received some great feedback from some top DJs and producers, check out some of their comments below:

Huxley - i love every track on this release. lou start is a bad boy!!

Motorcitysoul - for real, some sneaky fruits to be found here... my favourite by far is "you know you". very elegant!

Kate Simko - And That's Why has a nice dark deep vibe

Alex Arnout (Hot Creations) - And That's Why is a great slab of deep house.

Brothers' Vibe - Good release man...

Luna City Express - and thats why for me - nice ep*** will play it" thanks;-)

Ekkohaus (2020 vision, morris audio, cargo edition, liebe detail) - You know you is really good.....thanx..Ekko

Miss Jools (Mobilee) - feeling - 'and thats whys' deepness

Raresh/Arpiar (Moon Harbour)- you know you . peak time track . thanks

Lauhaus (Polder / Intacto) - digging the groove on "you know you"

Ricardo Miranda/Rush Hour - Don't burn yourself on And Thats Why because its a nice slow burner. All three are movers.

Phonogenic (Cocoon/20:20 Vision) - it's not gonna get any more 90s than this. watch my hand bag please.

and many more.......

Release Date: 13/02/2012

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