Nick Minardi (Freche Fruchte resident) Podcast episode

Here's a belting mix from Freche Fruchte resident Nick Minardi!!

Disco Gnome-Thugfucker, Hamburg Night- Ost,Kjex, H.O.S.H, Every cow has a bird- Dubshape, Guti, Love Loop- Rills Silkimono- The Timewriter, Ciadas- Tom Middleton (Maya Jane Coles Mix), Lookin Out- Maya Jane Coles, Reginald's Groove- Cosmic Kids, One Is Not Enough- Chris Lattner, Nankeido Seiche- Alex James, Aura- Motorcitysoul (Jimpster mix), It's You Again- Clockwork (C/W), Perc- Sasse (Huxley Mix), The Dreamer- Aki Bergen, Lovin- Barck,Christian Prommer (Andre Lodemann Mix), Humming Bird- Maya Jane Coles, Pace Yourself- Maya Jane Coles, Birthday- Nicolette,TJ Kong, Pitto
Finally Mine- H.O.S.H, Misstress Barbara (Gorge Mix)

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